1st November 2020

Pay with QR via Mytelpay

Scan and share QR code to transfer easily & receive quickly via MytelPay.

Scan QR code and pay it easily

The Payment Code is the QR code used for Payment to the person (or) to the Counter at supermarkets, restaurants, cafes …. which accept MytelPay Payment. You can pay money easily just with one scan.

Share Personal QR code and receive quickly

Personal QR Code (My QR Code) is the code that represents your MytelPay account. You can send this QR code to anyone. QR code helps others to easily transfer money to you with just one scan of the QR code on MytelPay app.

Instruction for QR payment in MytelPay

  • Pay with QR
  • Receive money with QR


How to pay with QR

1 Click “QR Pay”.///

2 Scan QR code to pay.

3 Enter amount to pay.

4 Enter your PIN number.

5 Enter your OTP code.

6 Transaction done successfully.


How to receive money with QR

1 Click “QR Pay”.

2 Enter amount you want.

3 Click “Share”.

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