How to update KYC?

Click "Verify Now" button and fill information that app requested.

Can we register MytelPay account with other operators?

Of course. You can register MytelPay account with any operators.

How to solve your locked account?

Please contact to Call Center of MytelPay (call 999 or 09688000999) and provide correct information. They will help you restart your password within 5 minutes.

How to join MytelPay?

Just download from App Store & Play Store?
You can download MytelPay app directly via this link =>
1. If you are using "Android", please go to "Play Store", search "MytelPay" and download it.
If you are using "IOS" (iPhone), please go to "App Store", search "MytelPay" and download it.
2. Here is the some stepes to register MytelPay account.
(i) Step 1: Click “Create/Activate new account”
(ii) Step 2: Fill necessary information. (Phone number, Full name, Date of Birth)
(iii) Step 3: Enter “Verification Code”.
(iv) Step 4: Enter your PIN and confirm your PIN.
(v) Step 5: MytelPay account registration done successfully.
3. If you forget registered phone & password, please contact to 999 (or) 09688000999 to unlock your account.

What is MytelPay?

MytelPay is a super app designed to offer a boutique of services to bring convenience into your everyday life.

1. Cash in for your account free
2. Transfer account-account, account- non account easy
3. Top up your mobile phone, buy pincode with high discount
4. Pay electronic/water too quickly
5. Cash out easily with find store function, conveniently help you see the store's balance

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