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MytelPay Happy Transfer

MytelPay Happy Transfer

“MytelPay Happy Transfer” is MytelPay’s newest Program with which you can get up to 10GB Data and 200 on-net mins rewards.

· Making money transfer transactions with MytelPay via 2 methods.
1. Transfer via Non-account to Non-account: Both sender and receiver do transaction at MytelPay Agent transfer are valid to join this campaign.
2. Transfer via MytelPay Account to non-account: Sender sends money from MytelPay application to receiver at MytelPay Agent are valid as well to get rewards.
· Sender and Receiver must use Mytel phone number to receive rewards.
· Sender and receivers participating in this “MytelPay Happy Transfer” campaign will get rewarded data and on-net minutes rewards.
· If the IMEI matching with Mytel phone number has received from 3GB and over per month, they will not have chance to receive additional rewards.
· If the user is from another operator, he/ she can share the code with friends or family members and let them win the prizes.
Download latest MytelPay version here:

From 10th July 2020 to 30th September 2020.

· Rewards will be variable with the value of transactions

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