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Get promotion by making top-up transaction with MytelPay

Get promotion by making top-up transaction with MytelPay

Hey are you going to make top-up transaction?

Then, make top-up transaction with MytelPay and get top-up transaction promotion. If you make Mytel top-up transaction for yourselves you will be received 100% of the transaction value to your promotion account. If you make the Mytel top-up transaction for other people you will be received 80% of the transaction value into your promotion account. Well so please remember MytelPay top-up promotion whenever you are going to make the top-up transaction.


Promotion Start Date – 15th Nov 2020


Purpose- To all   MytelPay   users   who   make top-up will be received promotion


  • Top up your Mytel number (for yourself) with MytelPay and you can have 100% bonus of your top-up amount on each transactions.


  • Top-up your mobile phone on Friday and can join “MytePay’s Pink Friday” campaign where you can get 50% cashback(Maxmimum 1,000 MMK) on your top-up.
  • Top up for Mytel number (for others) with MytelPay and get 80% bonus of the top-up amount on each transactions.


  • For other operators, you can join others unique promotion for them


  • Your top-up promotion is valid for 5 days.


Download MytelPay App:


Instruction for top up in MytelPay


How to Top up

1 Select “Top Up”

2 Enter “Phone number & amount”

3 Enter your PIN number

4 Enter your OTP code

5 Transaction done successfully

Other instructions

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