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Happy Transfer

Happy Transfer

According to the MytelPay’s new policy. You can get up-to 1000 on-net minutes when you transfer money at MytelPay agents. 


How to Join? 

  1. Transfer money via MytelPay agents from NA to NA – Everyone who do transaction at MytelPay agents are vaild to join this campaign. 
  2. Mytel to Mytel ISDN: Both sender and receiver will receive the gifts rewards
  3. Mytel to other Operator ISDN: Only sender will receive gift reward
  4. Other to Mytel ISDN: both sender and receiver will receive gift reward
  5. Other to other operator ISN: Only sender will receive gift reward


Promotion Duration 

Start of May 5,2021 to further



  • Rewards will be variable with the value of transaction. 
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