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How to join us?

EVOAI advocates building a working environment with a friendly, talented and dynamic culture.  We value human resources because it is the fundamental factor leading to the success of the business.


With each position, it is not simply a job opportunity that EVOAI offers, but the process of looking for companions, talented teammates who share the same aspiration and belief.  passion.  At EVOAI, you are not just an employee, but a member of the common house.  In addition to the great benefits that the Company brings, we are committed to training, educating and developing our employees with the goal of building a team of young, highly qualified and always full of enthusiasm.



Recruitment policies  are public, transparent and objective. These are the prerequisites for EVOAI to find talented, qualified, professional and experienced candidates suitable for vacancies through building clear qualifications,  Skills are based on professional standards to use as a basis in the recruitment process.



Working environment in a common, professional, modern and friendly factor;

You have autonomy in the work assigned to you and be flexible to get the most out of it;

Balance your life and work.



 As an creative and modern Company, always considering human resources as the most valuable asset, EVOAI consider the human factor as central to the overall development of the Company.  Therefore, EVOAI always creates favorable conditions for each employee to have the opportunity to develop their own capabilities in each assigned task as well as to step higher in the ladder of their career.  With EVOAI, all employees have the same opportunity to be trained and developed, towards the common goal: for a prosperous, sustainable developed EVOAI!



Competitive monthly salary based on competency;

Extra money on holidays / New Year;

Insurance regime according to national regulations;

Focusing on improving the spiritual life of employees through extracurricular activities, teambuilding, annual tourism …

Celebrate birthdays, and employee health policy …





Application: Candidates submit CV and candidate’s information to email address:

# Note:

 – Only receive applications via email.

 – Each candidate should only register for 1 position and resubmit their CV within 6 months.



Candidates that pass the profile are invited to attend the Basic Programming Test.

Candidates bring photo documents to the company according to the appointment schedule, including:

 – Candidate information form according to form EVOAI;

 – Personal CV clearly stating working and working history;

 – Qualifications and other relevant certificates.



 Candidates who pass the programming test are invited to participate in the Candidate Interview.

 The candidates interviewed with the Manager of the position applied for the job.



 Candidates who passed the interview, and be suitable conditions of EVOAI will be recruited for probation within 2 months.

 After 2 months of probation, we will re-evaluate the candidate’s performance and behaviour during the probationary period  for the position to apply.

 Satisfied candidates will officially become a member of EOVAI and fully enjoy the remuneration of Official Staff.


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